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Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 272
Today visitors: 44
Visitors (30 Days): 325
Total Residents: 2446

City of Turia

 "Turia the high-walled, the nine-

gated, was the Gorean city lying in

the midst of the huge prairies claimed

by the Wagon Peoples. Never had it


Nomads of Gor, pg. 1, by John




One of the oldest online Gorean Cities starting on IRC Dalnet in 1996-


First Commander Rsvp Turian

Second Commander RN Turian

Captain of the Guard Mykael Goodman




Strummer Turian

Victorian Lace

Ant Turian

Paua Turian Free Companion to Ant Turian



kajira of Turia

First Girl of Turia- kindra Turian Owned by Rsvp Turian

enya Turian- Silver Bell -Owned by Mykael Goodman

Haunted Thistle - Silver Bell of Turia