Adding the Counter Earth Grid to Firestorm Viewer - Counter Earth

Grid Status

Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 197
Today visitors: 36
Visitors (30 Days): 210
Total Residents: 3242

Adding the Counter Earth Grid to Firestorm Viewer



1. Download & Install FireStorm OpenSim 64 bit version HERE - Do not use the FireStorm Second Life Havok Version 


2. Click on Viewer at the top left of the viewer, then click on Preferences.



3. Select the OpenSim Tab.


 4. In the middle of the OpenSim Tab you will see the Grid Manager. In the Add new grid space copy and paste this: then click the apply button to the right. Click okay to close the preferences



5. At the bottom of the viewer you should now see the word Grid with a selector to the right. If you do not see it at this time then use Shift-Ctrl-G at the same time to bring up the Grid Selector pull-down option. Use this pull-down to Select Counter Earth. Put your first and last name in the Username field, separated by spaces, and your password in the Password field for the character you just created when you registered on this website.