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Clearing Cache

Clearing Cache

There's two ways to clear cache. The simple way which is rarely every useful with Firestorm, and the manual way, which clears more cache than the normal way actually seems to do. When doing a "Clear Cache", these are the instructions you would generally follow:


  1. In the Firestorm Viewer, hit Ctrl+P, navigate to Network & Files tab on the left, Directories Tab on the top afterwards.
  2. Under "Cache location" you will see multiple buttons. Open, Set, Reset, and Clear Cache. Click "Open", which opens file manager to the directory needed. Keep this window open.
  3. Logout and close Firestorm completely.
  4. In the previous file manager window, select all files (Ctrl+A), then Delete all files (File->Delete or DEL key), in the file window.
  5. Log back in to the grid, and wait a bit, let inventory and other things rez for a bit. Check your Inventory window, watch it count up the items there. When it stops for at least 1 minute, relog, and you should be warmed up and ready to go back to normal.