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Terms of Service

Counter Earth Terms of Service

CE Grid TOS revised 12/20/20

  1. This is an adult grid, as such we require that all visitors be over the age of 21. Child avatars are prohibited!
    1. Since this IS an adult grid,( remember, you must be 21 years old to be here) act like an adult!
      Part of that means showing basic courtesy to everyone and especially showing the courtesy that someone's status is due ( i.e. addressing the free with the proper honorific, not yelling at them or being disrespectful). It means that while you may disagree with someone, even vehemently, do not act like a child and resort to personal insults. We have people here of all nationalities, races, religions and political persuasions. We are going to disagree but ultimately remember that within their Homestone that person has the ultimate say. In a common area, act as if you are a visitor, because you ARE..
  2. As a Gorean grid, blatantly non Gorean things are NOT allowed, the list includes but is not limited to:
    modern weapons
    modern motorized vehicles
    Child avatars including fairies & pixies and fantasy creatures outside of the Gor novels
    If you see something against TOS please notify an admin .
  3. Continuing with the fact that this is a Gorean grid, when in public areas (Sardar Regions, Ship of Acquisition ,Gridwide group chat and Discord), ALL slaves will behave as slaves. Slaves will show the proper courtesy to the free (we also consider your profile to be public and would caution against being rude there). The free will respect the property of others and have no right to harass any slave ( collared or not) in the common areas of the grid or in im's. If a slave is being harassed, instead of lowering yourself to the level of some fool, simply contact a trusted freeperson or member of grid management and or x out. Do not argue or fight with the free person lest you be banned from the common areas too. The Free need to conduct themselves according to their station (Free men need to behave with honor, Free women need to behave as proper free women). If you do not know what this means please ask.
  4. With the exception of the few grid wide rules that apply everywhere. Every sim has autonomy for it's Laws. The Grid has no say in their rules, so please respect their laws or choose not to visit those Homes.
  5. Slaves on Gor could not own anything, so keeping in line with Gor the grid has instituted this policy. A slave can not hold the title of Administrator or Owner of a Region or City.
  6. We understand that sometimes people must leave the grid. We always hate to lose anyone here but we hope you may choose to return.
    *** Counter Earth Grid reserves the right to use the content left behind after the sim is vacated. That content remains under the ownership of Counter Earth Grid.
    NOTE: If items are reused, the owner name will change to the new owner of the region,but the creator name will remain the original person.
    This means Counter Earth Grid is NOT stealing your content just reusing it! If you do not wish anything to be reused, take it down before you go.
  7. Regarding ownership, we recognize the the content in a Vendors store belongs to the Vendor. If it is no copy,no transfer we will do everything we can to protect our Vendor's content, As much as we try, there are still people who copybot content. We cannot take responsibility for those that copybot. But if we have proof that they have done so, they are subject to being banned from The Counter Earth Grid.
  8. If you work for Counter Earth Grid in a capacity of development, technology or grid Admin, these are volunteer jobs - there is no contract or pay, you work as a volunteer.
    1. If you are working for the grid, a sim or an individual and create content for them and given ownership as a part of your residency, then you have done so voluntarily and such content is the property of the entity that you created it for. You have a right to copies of your creations but the people/person you created it for has a right to it too.
  9. Payment Policy for land rental:
    Rent payment is due in the first week of the month. If payment is not received by the 14th of the month, all administrative rights revert to the management of The Counter Earth Grid, unless PRIOR arrangements are made in advance. The land may be deemed a lawless area or rented to someone else at the discretion of said Management should rent become lapsed.
  10. Voice morphing is prohibited on The Counter Earth Grid. Those using voice morphing may be warned or banished at the discretion of Management.
  11. The Management of The Counter Earth Grid reserves the right to make changes or additions to the Terms of Service at any time. All TOS updates will be posted in The Counter Earth Group and to the website (TOS are located on the support page on the website). It is the responsibility of each User to know, understand and comply with the Terms of Service.
  12. The Counter Earth Grid reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


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