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Welcome to the Counter Earth Grid

Gor, the worlds of John Norman, recreated in virtual worlds! A grid laid out as per the science fiction works of John Norman's 35 books, all interconnected. Run your own Gorean city, village, or farm at a FRACTION of the cost of other grids. From Torvaldsland to Turia, the Voltai to the Thassa, the entire world of Gor in virtual worlds. ​See the menu on the top left to see other pages and to find out how to get your own sim on the ​Counter Earth Grid




What's YOUR GOR?

What is YOUR Gor?  Do you want a Gorean experience that is your own but is STILL Gorean? Your own city from the books without the high cost? You can have it on Counter Earth! Whether you want role play sims using a meter, tarn races or sword tournaments, a place for a garden, or sailing the seas from city to city over sim lines. A lifestyler, a farmer, roleplayer, it's all here on Counter Earth! Our regions are autonomous which means "having the freedom to govern itself or control its own affairs." As long as you are adults and act like one, we are open to whatever your Gor is as LONG as it's Gor. Help us join the entire map of Gor as it was meant in the books!  


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