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Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 186
Today visitors: 14
Visitors (30 Days): 179
Total Residents: 3308

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Who Are We at Counter Earth Grid?

Who Are We at Counter Earth Grid?- We are a group of Goreans who have been friends for 20 plus years. We started out together on IRC, and came up with this dream, giving people a way to live out their Gorean fantasies as if we were part of the books by John Norman. Making it affordable for many instead of a few and bringing back a sense of community.   We hope you believe as we do that our path is a good one- come see for yourself.  ​Find out what your Gor is! 



RSVP Turian

Grid Operations
Grid Personnel

26 Years Gorean Experience


LionHeart Gor

The wearer of Many Hats

RL Gorean since 1996
OL Gorean since 1998

Havoc Rau


Event Coordinator


Atticus Aquilo

Department Head
Building of Public Areas

 River Chun

Farming Development & Role Play

Online-Roleplaying since 2011



Kindra Turian

Founder- 25 yrs exp.
Recruitment Including
Region (Sim) Sales
Customer Service

Counter Earth Grid at

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  RN Turian

Grid Host & Owner of Jand Consulting
Need Hosting?  Contact Jand Consulting
Server Technology for CE Grid

25 Years Gorean Experience

40 years of Technology Consulting Experience

12 years of Hosting Experience