Grid Support - Counter Earth

How to Join the Counter-Earth Grid

This is a tutorial on how to join the Counter-Earth Grid using the Direct Link;


Go to this link;

Create your user name and password.

Your user name MUST BE two words, a first name and a last name.

For example, "pretty girl" or "Manly Master" or "Jim BobBogus"

Then, close that page and move on to Part 2



Part 2 – Your account has been created, most importantly with a two word name (separated by a space), and this is what you will use to log into the grid itself, along with the password you chose on the website.

The basic thing to bear in mind is that there is one program used to visit our Web Site (where you are now), and a second program used to log into the Counter-Earth Grid. We recommend using a program called ‘Firestorm’ to log into the Counter-Earth Grid. Here’s how you get Firestorm downloaded, installed, and configured for the Counter-Earth Grid;


First, go to this link;

and download the Firestorm Viewer that runs on your operating system (Windows, Apple, or Linux) by clicking on the appropriate operating system logo.


Next, download the 64-bit version of OpenSim. Almost everyone who’s using Windows will select the following version option; Windows 64bit for OpenSim. If you’re not sure, select this version (circled in BLUE);

Save the file to your hard drive, then, open your File Explorer to your Downloads folder, locate the file which will be called something like “Phoenix-FirestormOS-Releasex64-6-4-12-62831_Setup.exe”. You may have a newer version but that’s ok, it all works the same. Double-click on the file to begin installation.


Now, select your language;


Now the license agreement comes up.

Agree to the Vivox license, which lets you use Voice Chat if you choose, in Counter-Earth Grid;


Accept the default installation and begin your installation;


Allow Firestorm to create an entry in your Start Menu


You will be asked if you wish THIS copy of Firestorm to be your default 3D world viewer. If you have an older version already installed, this will overwrite the settings which make THIS copy the one that runs when you select Firestorm in the future. For most people, the answer is ‘Yes’;

Now Firestorm will finish it’s installation and you can close the installer window;

You will be asked if you wish to start Firestorm now. Let’s do it!



Part 3 - Configuring the Firestorm Viewer


Welcome to the Firestorm OpenSim viewer! This version of the program does not work correctly in Second Life, it is for OpenSim only. Let’s begin the final steps of configuration.