Grid Support - Counter Earth

How to Join the Counter-Earth Grid

This is a tutorial on how to join the Counter-Earth Grid, from start to finish.

Part 1 - Create your account

Part 2 - Install the Firestorm Viewer

Part 3 - Configure the Firestorm Viewer

Part 4 - Join us at the Sardar Fair!

Part 1 – Create your Counter-Earth Grid Account

The Counter-Earth Grid main web page is shown below.

On the right side are two highlighted menu options; first select ‘Account’, and then select ‘register’.

Let’s go through the registration form, one field at a time.

For your Display Name, and your Username, it is best to use the exact same name in both places. You’ll also use the exact same name to log into the Counter-Earth Grid, so write it down as a note somewhere.

Make sure that you use a two-word name, with a space between the two words. This is a requirement, not an option, anything else will fail to be able to get into the Counter-Earth Grid.

So, some examples to hopefully clarify;

Next is your password. Please make it something that’s not easy to guess. For your sake. It’s not a happy moment to log in and discover someone’s been impersonating you, and you own all their actions. Don’t forget that password either, you’ll need it for the Confirmation field, AND you’ll need to use it when you log into the Counter Earth Grid with the Firestorm Viewer (we’ll cover that later).

Your email must be a real email address, hopefully one you check from time to time. It can be used for account verification, for emailing you a password reset if you forget your password, and Grid Support issues if you have trouble with something. Use a real email address, one that you can check.

Finally, there’s the Captcha. That’s supposed to prove you’re real. Yes, you gotta pass this test.

Next is your Avatar setup!

Now, this is just for your starting Avatar; after logging into the Grid, you will come out next to the Sardar Market where everything is free and you can grab whatever sparks your fancy. We have bodies, heads, hair, tats, clothes, etc etc etc. But you need a body to begin with, and that’s what this next part is all about.

Use the same two names, one in each of these fields, that you used for your registration above. No spaces, just two names.

After that, select an avatar that looks closest to what you want to be.


After picking your starting Avatar, you can type in what country you are from, and a little bit about yourself for your profile. These things can be changed later.

Much more important is your date of birth. Counter-Earth Grid does not allow minors, or even people who pretend to be minors, to join. We ask that you be honest here.

Finally, please read our Terms of Service, and if you agree, select the ‘Agree’ button, and then complete the process by selecting the ‘Register’ button at the bottom.

Congratulations, you now have a Counter-Earth Grid account!



Part 2 – Your account has been created, most importantly with a two word name (separated by a space), and this is what you will use to log into the grid itself, along with the password you chose on the website.

The basic thing to bear in mind is that there is one program used to visit our Web Site (where you are now), and a second program used to log into the Counter-Earth Grid. We recommend using a program called ‘Firestorm’ to log into the Counter-Earth Grid. Here’s how you get Firestorm downloaded, installed, and configured for the Counter-Earth Grid;


First, go to this link;

and download the Firestorm Viewer that runs on your operating system (Windows, Apple, or Linux) by clicking on the appropriate operating system logo.


Next, download the 64-bit version of OpenSim. Almost everyone who’s using Windows will select the following version option; Windows 64bit for OpenSim. If you’re not sure, select this version (circled in BLUE);

Save the file to your hard drive, then, open your File Explorer to your Downloads folder, locate the file which will be called something like “Phoenix-FirestormOS-Releasex64-6-4-12-62831_Setup.exe”. You may have a newer version but that’s ok, it all works the same. Double-click on the file to begin installation.