Counter Earth

Counter Earth Grid Orientation

Introduction to the Counter Earth Grid

 Counter Earth Grid was developed by the original Turians from IRC, SL & Paltalk. In about 2007 the Turians were asked to come to  Second Life (SL) to help support Gor there, and left SL in 2011 to open their doors in OSGrid as autonomous regions. In 2014, they separated completely from OSGrid and became a stand-alone OpenSim grid, taking on the name of Counter Earth Grid and opening the doors to all of Gor.


CE is the premier online location for Goreans and Gorean homes. It was founded by long-time Goreans, for Goreans, and Goreans administer the entire grid, ensuring that issues and disputes will be handled in the appropriate Gorean fashion. 


The Counter Earth Grid encompasses the entirety of the Gorean world, stretching from the arctic tundra of the Red Hunters in the north, down to the deep southern plains of Turia and the Wagon Peoples. From the Barrens in the far east, out across gleaming Thassa and past the World’s End to the Isles of the Pani. It is possible to travel from any point in Gor, to any other, by walking, riding a wagon or Kaila, or riding a tarn. 


Within the grid are the various cities, towns, fortresses, and homesteads of Gor, all connected together through CE’s Public Lands, also called ‘connectors’. While the cities, towns, fortresses, and homesteads are leased virtual properties under the sovereign control of the leasees, the Public Lands are under the authority and responsibility of CE’s administration, and open for all members of CE to use, to travel in, to roleplay or just relax in. 


Grid Protocols


  • Finding People in Counter Earth Grid 
    • When you arrive at the Sardar Welcome Area you will see a sign that says "Peoplefinder" left click and take a copy of the tool - find it in your recent folder in your inventory - add it to your avatar and choose available.  You will see everyone that is wearing the HUD and will be able to engage and meet new friends.  


  • Sardar Fair

    • 5 sims in total, including the Tarn Stadium
    • Neutral ground just like in the books
    • Open to public visitation
    • No forced anything
    • No combat except arena combat or practice
    • No accosting strangers in the market other than to greet and/or offer assistance
      • Remember that many Strangers in the market may be here from other grids and don’t know Gor
    • No harassment of anyone, at any time
    • No RL politics or religion will intrude
    • The Sardar Tavern is a place where girls can SERVE- drinks food dance conversation
    • The Sardar Gazebo is for casual gathering bringing Goreans of all kinds together for a social gathering and uniting all Goreans


  •  Access

    •  The Counter Earth group tag is required for access outside of the Sardar regions
      • This can be extended to other regions if planned for in advance
    • Teleport boards are a convenience, not a necessity in CE. Every region can be reached by walking, riding, sailing, or flying. Or, by using a landmark, or the ‘Big Map’ to teleport. 
      • The 20m space in front of the teleport board, where the landing zone should be, is a ‘safe zone’, with the same rules applied as if one was in Sardar Fair. If you leave that immediate vicinity of the teleport board, you are fully subject to the rules of that region.


  • Auto-Return

    • If you pull something from your inventory and place it on the ground, or create a prim, in the public spaces, it will be subject to being automatically returned to your inventory. In some places, it won’t be allowed at all. 
      • CE Landing - No Rez
      • Sardar Fair general area - 15 minutes
      • Gazebo - 15 minutes
      • Tavern - 15 minutes
      • Sardar Market - 15 minutes
      • Sardar Fields - 15 minutes
      • Sardar Mountain - 750 minutes
      • Connecting public regions - 24 hours


  • Cities and Homesteads

    • Each Home is sovereign within its borders, be it a city a homestead or an island
    • Each Home makes its own rules; violate them at your hazard
    • Each Home will be fundamentally and recognizably Gorean, e.g. no higher-tech, no guns, no cars, airplanes, gunpowder, etc. If the Priest-Kings of Gor would visit the Flame Death upon you for doing it, don’t do it.


  • Public Spaces

    •  People in public spaces are expected to maintain Gorean protocol
    • This is essentially 'by the book', but will vary based on whom you're interacting with
    • When speaking with roleplayers, roleplay appropriately
    • When speaking with lifestylers, be flexible but still be Gorean


  • Be Gorean

    • Counter Earth Grid is the premier virtual venue for Gor and Gorean interactions. While CE strives to provide the same atmosphere and spaces to interact as we find in the Gor novels, we also acknowledge that this is a virtual environment and allowances must be made for everyone's reality. Behave with appropriate Gorean decorum while in CE Grid in all public interactions. There are plenty of other places that accommodate other behaviors and attitudes, but very few that fully accommodate Gor in all of its expressions; this is one such.
    • Maintain your chosen place and role as a Gorean, at all times in CE Grid. There is no “OOC” in any public space, in CE Grid.


  • The Free

    • Mutual respect - Treat one another with mutual respect which is due to another Gorean Free person.
    • Authority - In your own home, you are sovereign. That may be your leased region, your house, or simply within the circle of your steel. Outside of your home, the rules of other places apply.
    • Responsibility - The Free have a duty to protect their home (Gor, the Grid, their region, their dwelling, in that order), and to keep slaves in their proper place
    • Property Rights - If it doesn’t belong to you and it’s not designated as ‘for public use’, then it’s not yours and you don’t have the right to steal it’s use. Yes, this applies to slaves as well. The rules of the property’s owner, apply, as long as it fits with the rules of the region which the slave is on.


  • The slaves

    • Speak respectfully and deferentially to the Free at all times
    • Keep your squabbles with other slaves, private from the Free unless asked for
    • Addressing Free Men - By default, until told otherwise, use “Master”, or “Jarl” if you know they are from Torvaldsland. If they wish to be addressed otherwise, they will command you to do so.
    • Addressing Free Women - By default, until told otherwise, use  “Lady or Mistress”. If they wish to be addressed otherwise, they will command you to do so.
    • Addressing Panthers/Talunae - By default, until told otherwise, use  “Huntress”. If they wish to be addressed otherwise, they will command you to do so.
    • Permission to speak - Slaves are permitted to speak unless told otherwise
    • Focus - When speaking with a Free Person, 100% of the slave’s online focus should be on that Free Person. No side convos with other people or doing other stuff without permission. Focus on the Free Person.
    • Correction vs Punishment - All slaves are subject to correction and discipline by any Free person, outside the homes of their owners. Serious punishment of property is a right belonging to the owner. This is supported by the books.
    • Kneeling - Kneel in the presence of the Free, do not stand or lounge about. Remember that ‘nadu’ signifies sexual availability to whomever you’re facing when you kneel and kneel appropriately. If facing towards a mixed group of Free Men and Free Women (or just a Free Woman), kneel in tower unless commanded otherwise.
    • Sitting with the Free - Seek to sit with a Free Person when gathered together, not alone. Beg one of the Free People for permission to sit with them, and then do so. At that point, you are in service with them, behave accordingly. We did not come to Gor to sit all by ourselves. If a Free Person doesn’t wish your service, sit with a different one, or to the right side of that Free Person if that’s the only Free Person present.
    • Precedence
      • If you are owned, your owner’s commands take precedence over anyone else’s. If you are given a conflicting command by another Free Person, plead for forgiveness if you are displeasing but you must obey your Master’s commands. If that is not acceptable, tell the other Free Person that you will bring the record of the dispute to your owner for resolution, and go home.
      • If you are not owned (by a community or a private owner), then you are subject to the command of any Free Person you encounter in their region. In the Sardar Fair regions, the CE Grid rules apply (no forced anything, no harassment)